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Is Your Private Physician a concierge practice?
Yes. We focus on relationship-driven care with 24/7 physician access, state-of-the-art medical care , patient advocacy, and individualized treatment plans.
What is concierge medicine?
At Your Private Physician, our concierge service delivers the highest caliber of medical care. Concierge medicine prioritizes patient comfort and offers personalized, comprehensive care with personal physician access. In addition, we give patients control over their experience.
How is concierge medicine different from standard primary care?
Unlike most primary care practices, we limit the number of patients we see to offer exclusive services such as immediate access to your private physician, direct physician lines, extended appointments, advanced preventive medicine, coordination of all medical care, long-distance care, and more.
Do patients need to be members to receive care?
Yes. The long term relationship you build with your personal physician is one of the most important you’ll ever have.
What health insurance plans does Your Private Physician accept?
Insurance isn’t used. Patient membership fees cover all Your Private Physician services. Patients will use their insurance for outside services such as labs, imaging, medications, specialists, and hospital treatment.

Insurance companies consider us “out-of-network” because we don’t work with them. As a result, patients no longer need primary care coverage, and their insurance premiums may decrease significantly.

If a patient has Medicare, can they participate?
Yes. Just as with insurance, we bypass Medicare, but patients continue to use Medicare for outside services (see above).
Are specialist fees covered?
No. Specialists are outside of Your Private Physician. Patients’ insurance covers specialist services. However, we work as a liaison between specialists and patients, and our liaison service is covered under our patient membership fees.

Our liaison service includes:

  • Proving a thorough medical workup in preparation for specialist visit.
  • Discussing your medical needs with the specialist.
  • Scheduling patient appointments.
  • Coordinating further care, if needed.
  • Managing flawless continuity of care.
Are there payment plans available for the membership fee?
Yes. If a patient prefers not to pay annually, we offer scheduled semi-annual, quarterly or monthly installments processed through our automated payment system.