Functional MEDICINE

An Integrative Medical Practice

Successfully treating chronic illness requires expertise in all areas of medicine.

At Your Private Physician, we combine the soundest, most sophisticated conventional medicine with suitable, evidence based functional techniques, so we can provide exceptional, comprehensive medical care.

Traditional Medicine

Focuses on symptom-driven diagnosis and care, offering treatments such as:

  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Procedures
  • Surgery

Functional Medicine

Looks for the root causes of symptom as it relates to complex interactions of human body. It seeks to answer “Why you are not well”. It focuses on developing a treatment that addresses the underlying cause of a problem rather than a symptom.


Functional Medicine centers on optimizing crucial elements of health: diet and nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental health and stress management.

Five R’s

Our Functional Medicine Approach uses a Five R’s Framework for Health

1. Removing

foods or medications that may cause intolerance or sensitivities that impact gut health and our general health.

2. Replacing

nutrients, hormones, and enzymes

3. Repairing

intestinal barrier that plays a pivotal role in regulation of health

4. Re-inoculating

beneficial gut bacteria

5. Rebalancing

or seeking balance in lifestyle – work, rest, exercise, sleep, and stress management.

The Best of
Both Worlds

Using personalized traditional and functional treatments, Your Private Physician helps patients fully address the cause of their symptoms to achieve (and maintain) optimal health.
Functional Medicine

Our Internal Medicine and Primary Care Services


Preventive medicine


Executive Physical


Women’s Care GYN/PAP




Travel Medicine


ER/Hospital personal assistance


Blood draw


Personalized management of chronic illness


Advanced heart disease screening and management




Cancer screening